Boat Cushions

When attempting to build a good quality boat cushion there are several important things to keep in mind. The first of these important things we will talk about is patterning. Every good boat cushion job must begin with a good pattern. Without a good pattern all your other work will lead to a poor fitting cushion rendering the job a failure to meet the qualifications of a good job well done. To make your pattern you can use either brown pattern paper or semi clear pattern plastic such as canvax. I personally prefer to use the plastic because it enables me to see through which allows me to see for snap placement and also to see better where to draw my pattern lines. Sometimes I will tape my pattern material in place and other times I will simply hold it down with wieghts. When this operation is completed I will take the pattern back to the shop were I will refine the lines and then cut out the pattern so that it can be traced onto the actual material being used for the cushion.

This brings us to the next important item for making good quality boat cushions. Most of the boat cushions we make at National Marine Canvas are made with a high quality marine grade cushion vinyl. Marine grade cushion vinyl is treated with chemicals to prevent mold and mildew. This is very important especialy when working with white vinyls. High end marine grade vinyls are also treated with UV inhibiters which are important for longevity of cushions that will be expossed to the suns rays. Lastly a good quality marine grade vinyl will have a high resistance to abrasion.

There are also many types of foam to choose from. Today the best foam to use for boat cushions is called Dry Fast. This is an open cell foam that permits water to pass through quickly rather than held like a sponge. When used in conjunction with a good mesh bottom your cushions will stay dry for your boating enjoyment. Of course all these high quality materials cost considerably more than lesser grade materials and therefore you the customer must take this into account when getting estimates for your boat cushions.

On some of the larger yachts people like to use a patterned material in leu of vinyl. For this we highly recomend using Sunbrella acrylics they are available in many stripes and patterns.

Finally no boat cushion job can turn out good if it is not done with a level of skill and care that is necessary when talking about any craft. Here at National Canvas we have both the God given skill and the desire to glorify God with the boat cushions we produce. I hope you find this information helpful in determining who you will hire to make your boat cushions.