Strata Glass fly bridge enclosure.

Here you see two fly bridge enclosures manufactured with Strata Glass clear plastic. One enclosure is hung on a hard top the other enclosure is hung on a bimini top. The hard top enclosure is framed out with Weblon Regatta and the bimini top enclosure is framed out with Sunbrella. Strata Glass is the best choice of plastic when your desire is for a soft rollable material. We also manufacture enclosures with a hard plastic called Makralon AR2. This product makes for a very beautiful and crystal clear enclosure. Notice the smile zippers in these two enclosures. We recommend these on all of our enclosures because they provide ease of use and plenty of fresh air when you need it.

There are a lot of options when it comes to tops and enclosures. Here at National Marine Canvas we can manufacture your Bimini top from the frame up. Give us a call so we can meet and discuss which options suit you the best. There is nothing except a new paint job that can make your boat look as good as new boat canvas and new boat cushions and upholstery. Lets work together to make your old boat look new again.

Fly Bridge Enclosures & EZ2CY

Bimini Top with enclosure.

EZ2CY is the name of a franchise that produces hard plastic see through enclosures. There are basically two types of plastics used for hard enclosures polycarbonate and acrylic. EZ2CY is not a type of plastic but is in fact the name given to a franchise. Here at National Marine Canvas which is our business name we produce hard enclosures using both of these materials. So if you are looking for an EZ2CY enclosure though we can not use that name we can produce an enclosure using the same materials. The man who started the EZ2CY franchise is no longer in the business but he was the first to use hard plastics in enclosures so we have him to thank for his innovation.